One on one specialized F&I consultation -Vehicle finance

This benefit will assist you in finding clarity ,to why the banks have declined you for finance while you have no negative listing against your Credit Profile(Credit Bureau) and such confusion can be a result of  many factors e.g.

-The incorrect completion of your finance application form.

-Over committed or incorrectly captured your monthly financial obligations on your application form

-The honesty on your application form not matching what’s on your bank statement

-Your income not matching the value of the vehicle of your dreams.

-The Residual or term that you opted for ,in the name of decreasing your monthly installment causes your risk criteria to be too high for the banks to be comfortable in granting your finance.

-The F&I at the dealership has not captured your application correctly for it to have weight ,in the eyes of the banks or he/she was overloaded with other applications to have time to fight hard enough or long enough for the banks to change their decline decision to an Approval.

-The reasons are endless and hence a One on One consultation with our F&I is key .Especially for 1st time buyers, clients that are unsure of their financial standing, clients that are unsure about their ITC Standing ,clients that have been declined before and cant face that nightmare again, clients that are clueless and confused to why they were declined in the 1st place, clients that are clueless about vehicle finance industry and clients that are just terrified to enter a dealership and answer many questions and that are foreign to them ,clients that just want to be well informed and to get value for their money.